Sunday, October 12, 2014

Top 6 Favorite Red Lipsticks

 We all have, at some point of time, thought twice about wearing red lipstick. Either we get too scared of what people might think of us or we feel it's just too heavy of a look to carry out.

However, I think Red lipstick gives you the kind of confidence you never knew you had! Sounds weird right? But try it out for yourself...

A girl can never have too many red lipsticks. After a lot of thought, I chose my top 6. 

1. M.A.C Russian Red
2. Maybelline 547- Pleasure Me Red
3. Prestige Stylocouture 04
4. Mikyaji Tempting 8hr wear - Red Jelly
5.Prestige -Lightshine- Poppy 
6. Essence 02 All you need is red

1-6; from left to right
1. M.A.C Russian Red  
- long wearing
- doesn't  fan out even without a lip liner
-doesn't settle into the creases- not flat
-perfect red for all skin- tones

2. Maybelline 547- Pleasure Me Red
-deep beautiful red
-moisturizing texture 
-not matte, not shimmery either
-can wear with or without a lipliner
-long wearing

3. Prestige Stylocouture 04
-light red
-rich creamy texture, not matte
-need to wear a lipliner on some occasions (dinner parties)
- long wearing
-very beautiful shade of red for that bright lustrous lip look

4. Mikyaji Tempting 8hr wear - Red Jelly
- rich super matte
-super long wearing
- can be worn without a lip liner
- can get a little dry- so use a lip balm as a base before applying 

5.Prestige -Lightshine- Poppy
-moisturizing, slightly creamy
-has a sheen/glossy finish
- not very long wearing- needs touch-ups
-need to wear with a lip liner

6. Essence 02 All you need is red
-very sheer color
-moisturizing, glossy finish
-good for daily wear 
-no need for a lip liner
- not very long lasting

This is my hand after I wiped the swatches with Make up remover. See how pigmented and staining almost all the lipsticks are! Maybe the Essence one -being sheer wiped off easily , though I can still see a tiny amount of stain left in its place too! 

I love all of these Red's with all the different textures and qualities. I would like to add that the Mikyaji Red Jelly lipstick can be a dupe to Russian Red in its color pay off, texture and lasting finish.

So ladies, next time you are in doubt, wear red lips with a flick of eyeliner, mascara AND you are ready to go! ;)

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