Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anniversary Post: Ombré Rose Cake

Baking has always been my passion and always will be. It releases ginormous amounts of endorphins in my brain more than eating a cake would ever produce! Maybe its just the smell of freshly baked bread or sponge that is so enticing.

So obviously, I had to make a cake for the first "feel -good- date" of the year. It was my 1st Wedding Anniversary and it HAD to be something special, yet simple. 
After some planning and some kitchen mishaps, this was the final result.

 Chocolate Ombré Rose Cake

Cake: 2 layers of sponge Chocolate cake  (Recipes coming soon!)

Filling: Buttercream with Kitkat Chunks + Nutella

Icing: Vanilla buttercream in medium consistency made in cream color, gradually mixed layer by layer with Tavola Gel Colors in the colors "Pink Rose"and "Red" to the get the Ombre effect. The Final shade achieved was Coral used on the last ruffle.

Roses: Hand Piped with stiff consistency shaded icing by my Wilton Tip 104: Petal tip

Center of the Heart lined by Roses: Filled with Edible Pearls (Available on amazon.com)

Silver Cake centerpiece from Tavola, UAE

Royal Opera House, Muscat

How did you all like the Cake Decor? I will be posting the recipes soon. Watch out for those!


  1. u re on a roll zara. nice :) keep em coming :)

  2. Awesomee decorationsss : * im in loveeeeeeee stay blessed always <3