Saturday, March 28, 2015

DIY: Sunburst Mirror

The other day, I was going through the materials in my store room- most of it was utter rubbish and ready to be tossed into the bin. When I saw packets of skewers (leftovers from BBQ parties) and an old broken mirror- I got an idea!
You can see sunburst mirrors everywhere, in all the Home Furnishing and Decor stores- all of them at exorbitant prices, while this one can be made in under 12$!

You need:
- old round mirror/ acrylic mirror sheet cut into a a circle
-plastic/ cardboard round frame
-cardboard cut into the same size as the mirror
-3 packs of bamboo skewers
- Geometric set (compass, ruler, pencil)
-Fevicol/UHU all purpose glue
- Gold Paint

- Cut out the mirror from the acrylic sheet in your desired shape and size. Or use an old round mirror.
- Cut out a frame for the mirror from a cardboard and attach it over the mirror.
- Glue another circular cardboard behind the mirror. This will be our working area for attaching all the skewers.
- The skewers can be arranged in any pattern you like. I wanted to arrange them in a sunray pattern and this required extra work and measurment.
- Draw concentric circles with a compass over the cardboard. Attach the skewers on the outermost circle to create a long sunray and attach skewers in the innermost circle to create a short sunray.
- It just takes a few hours and you are done!
- Paint it any color you like to match your theme.
- Its a classic piece so you do not have to worry about replacing it when the whole trend of sunburst mirrors fades away!
- Light up your living room, bedroom or your mantlepiece with this bright statement piece!
Next time, I am definitely going to think twice before tossing something into the bin! ;)