Monday, October 13, 2014

New: Mascara With Argan Oil

 WONDER'FULL Mascara With Argan Oil by Rimmel London

Another Product with Argan Oil. This time its not for your mane, but for your eyelashes! But Oh well, if it's good enough for your hair, it's good enough for your lashes! Let's find out..

Packaging: Simple with a beautiful bronze encasing.

Wand:  Medium sized brush, small flexible bristles

Color: Super Black


  •  conditioning and nourishing 
  •  applies smoothly, clump-free formula
  • volumizing as well as curling,
  • does NOT lengthen the lashes 
  • dries quickly- so eyelashes do not stick together 
  • lightweight
Long wearing

Can be easily removed with any Makeup remover or Coconut Oil.

Price: R.O. 6, £5.99 

Final Verdict: Good Mascara to wear on a day to day basis because of its nourishing and conditioning properties and lightweight formula. However if you are looking for "lengthening effect" in a mascara, this might not be for you. 

Post your comments in the section below! What do you guys think of this product?



  1. I buy mascaras going by their smell. Some have a very chemical smell for me. Mostly creme mascaras are better than the liquid ones.

    1. This one does not have a chemical smell, You can try it out! (for the first time I am hearing someone say they buy mascaras going by their smell! cute!)