Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What do You do, When You are feeling Blue?

 Clouds hugging the earth- Protective?
No matter who we are, we all have those days. Those days, when the whole world seems to be conspiring against us, we wonder what we  have done and where our lives are heading and we just feel like a total wreck!

We also tend to compare our lives with other people, with those around us, with the people on the social media, with that girl on the news who has got "everything".  Something which always leads to feelings of low self-confidence and ingratitude with what we have been blessed with. My husband had once told me: 'Everybody is writing an examination from God and everybody is trying to copy each other. But, they do not realize that everyone has been given a different question paper! So live your life as you want to and not as anybody else. And in doing so, you might be an inspiration to someone!' Strange! How one motivational sentence from a loved one, can change your entire thought process! I never found myself comparing myself to someone else, since then!

Some people adapt to stress easily, some people find ways to deal with it and some people get crushed by stress simply because they do not know where to channel the negative energy.

Here are a few ways I use to Detox my Mind:

  1. Prayer: Leave everything aside, go and pray. You can say anything you want and ask anything you want from your Creator. You will suddenly feel so light and relaxed as you know your troubles are being taken care of, by the Almighty. Spiritual Bliss!
  2. Spend time with your loved ones. Go to your mom's. Date night with husband. Call a friend for tea.
  3. Clean your home and your workplace. There is something therapeutic in this. It's like you are sweeping away your troubles and putting them in the thrash can for good! 
  4. Refresh yourself, with a warm long bath!
  5. Dress- Up, (add a dash of Mascara if you can ;) )! Nothing can boost your confidence more than this : Looking Good = Feeling Good!
  6. Exercise! Whether you choose to go for a walk or to the gym for a good hard work out, it is going to release those  feel-good-chemicals in your brain- endorphins and you suddenly realize that you feel light and happy!
  7. Chamomile Tea instead of your regular Coffee- Caffeine tends to trigger or worsen anxiety, so choose herbal infusions instead. Chamomile has shown to be a relaxant and Immune -booster. It  relieves muscle and nerve tension and is effective against menstrual cramps. It also has mild sedative properties- great for people suffering from insomnia.
  8. Indulge in any activity that interests you. It can be anything from reading a book, painting, going for a movie, shopping, walking in the park, photography, cooking or baking!
  9. Help-Somebody-Today attitude: It does not have to be something big, even small things can make a big difference to someone else. Giving way to the rushing lady behind you at the shopping counter, allowing someone else to get onto your lane while driving in traffic, giving up your seat to a pregnant/elderly lady at the clinics/airports, buying a bottle of water for the poor construction worker, old clothes to any nearby orphanage, etc. Kindness begets Kindness, so you never know when Karma can hit you!
  10. Smile! No matter what mood you are in, Smile even if you cant. The gentle curve of your lips breaks down that negative energy and those stiff frowning facial muscles and make you feel good in an instant! Remember, your smile can do wonders for that person at the receiving end too!
 Lovely Roses in my Garden! Aren't they pretty!

So, What do you do, when you are feeling Blue? Let us know in the comment section below :)

Until Next time,
Take care Ladies!


  1. Are we so similar or does this apply to almost everyone? So true Zara.

    1. Since we are all made the same, guess some or all the techniques may help us all. :)