Friday, November 28, 2014

DIY: Candles from a Mason Jar

Tired of those old boring mason jars lying around in your kitchen?
You can up-cycle them to these wonderful candle holders by using this simple DIY!

All you need is-
- old mason jar/cookie jar/any glass vase
-gold spray paint (I love gold, but you can use anything really)
-black glass painting liner tube
- candle (thick)

-Clean the jar with some soap and water. Dry completely.
-Cut out two heart shapes from paper (same size and shape) proportionate to the jar.
-Glue this paper hearts to the front and back of the jar so that you cannot see the other heart from the front of the jar. Use a tacky glue just to stick the edges of the hearts so that the paint does not bleed through the edges.
- Now use your favorite spray paint and spray all over the mason jar (protect your eyes and wear a nasal mask).
- After it dries out, peel out the paper hearts carefully.
- Line the heart shape with glass liner and draw small spirals all over the heart.
 and Voila! You have a pretty candle holder!

I just stuck to a simple design, but you can create anything you like with different colors, different shapes etc!

Feel free to post the pics of those you have made either here or on my instagram page!(@hzarswomen)



  1. Oh wow, this looks fabulous! I want this for myself :)

    1. Thank You Laura! Why don't you try it out? :)

  2. oh my gosh, this is so amazing!! Definitely have to try it out!

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